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We provide the U.S. with the best pet fence on the market. Pet Stop systems use the most advanced technology available, and include our unmatched service you won't find anywhere else. We're pet lovers too, and will make sure you and your best friend are taken care of start to finish.

Underground Fence

Underground Fence

Tired of the same old pet fence?

Take it underground with Pet Stop®!

An underground fence?  Is that even a thing?  A real thing? Well, picture this: it’s the weekend, and instead of kicking back after a hard and demanding work week, you instead are tasked with fence repair, just another item on an endless “honey-do” list. Just last weekend, your dog escaped, again, by digging under the fence just enough to squeeze out and go on a tri-neighborhood tour. Plus, your HOA has been on your case about the holes and other “items” with the fence they have decided need immediate attention.  Is there any relief in sight?

Pet Stop®- when out of sight means peace of mind

Glad you asked!  You can have all the protection and security for your pet, and a jump-proof, dig-proof, mostly chew-proof fence that your HOA won’t bug you about. In fact, they won’t even know it’s there. Welcome to the grand world of the electric pet fence! An almost hassle-free, underground fence that uses all the latest technology to keep your favorite pet contained.

Underground fence, but NOT under the radar

The Pet Stop® underground fence systems are streamlined set-ups that consist of just three elements: a boundary wire that you bury in the perimeter YOU decide, a lightweight (1.3 ounce and less) receiver and collar, and an outdoor transmitter. The receiver itself is puppy-proof, with TriScann three-antenna coverage that keeps signaling intact even if your dog manages to move his collar around…no blind spots here.

Pet Stop® is proud to offer three distinct, innovative systems, made proudly in the USA. They are the EcoLite, the UltraElite, and the “Consumer Digest” Best Buy award-winning PCC-200. But before we go into detail about these systems, let’s talk about our not-so-secret weapon, which comes standard with the EcoLite and UltraElite units: our special training system, GentleSteps.™

But will my dog take to it? Do I need to train my dog, too?

GentleSteps.™ is the unique and very mild training system we use to get your dog acquainted with the system and his new boundaries.  Using a barely-there sensation, over in a blink, this “correction” gently (just as the name implies) lets your pup know where he is free to roam and play, and where he needs to stay away. This system is so effective your dog will likely be fully familiarized within a couple of weeks.

Innovative features, plus durable design

All three systems feature best in high-tech innovation: the receivers weigh less than two ounces, and are able to alert you to a low battery, a broken wire, or a non-operational unit. The receivers are also programmable to your dog’s temperament, with progressive and standard correction modes available.  The signal transmitters can be placed in a basement or garage, but are sturdy enough to withstand challenging weather conditions.  With Power Loss Memory (PLM), Wire Break Indicator, StabiliTemp, and Lightning Protection, you can rest assured that your dog, and your underground fence system, are in good hands.

Got a pup that just loves to chew? Then consider our UltraTuff receiver, made of extra-durable thermoplastic to withstand the most determined dog.

Is your dog cleverer than most? A regular Houdini of hounds?  Then check out the UltraMax receiver.  With more controls, you adjust the correction needed to keep your best pup safe and sound.

The transmitters also have options of digital modulation technology (DM), to help lessen any kind of signal interference.  Edge to Edge™ and Yard Link can help further customize your dog’s new territory. Edge to Edge™ can enable the boundary range of the system to reach the very edge of the yard, for smaller enclosures, and Yard Link can create a new barrier that now includes your neighbor’s area, increasing the overall well-being of your dog as he enjoys lots of outdoor play with his “pack.”

Choosing the Pet Stop® underground fence system may be the best choice you make this year!  Go outside, play with your dogs and reclaim your weekends!

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