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We provide the U.S. with the best pet fence on the market. Pet Stop systems use the most advanced technology available, and include our unmatched service you won't find anywhere else. We're pet lovers too, and will make sure you and your best friend are taken care of start to finish.

Dog Fence

Dog Fence

It was Gene Autry who sang “Don’t Fence Me In,” and Robert Frost who penned, “Good fences make good neighbors.” Now it’s time for you to decide on how best to keep your dog happy and well trained, comfortable, and safe in your home and yard. Choosing the right wireless fence can make all the difference in training your dog, either on or off leash!  There are several important decisions you’re going to have to make throughout the lifetime of your pup, some of those being diet, leash and off-leash training, and having a happy dog all while being a good neighbor! Pet Stop can help you with it all!

To see or not to see…that is the question when deciding on a dog fence for your home

Your home is your castle, but the last thing you want is to be confined behind a fence that requires constant, costly maintenance and repair.  You also want your dog to have the satisfaction of keeping his family safe as he guards the perimeter of your home. Traditional fences curtail this and keep dogs anxious about who or what is on the “other side.”

What Type Fence do You Need?

Decided to install a traditional fence?  You may encounter trouble if your dog is crazy about digging, or can scale great heights. All dogs dig and jump to some degree, and a traditional fence is no match for a determined pup! It can become a constant concern and headache, providing no guarantee of your dog’s (or your neighborhood’s) safety.

Happy Dogs Have Jobs

Dogs love their human families and have a natural instinct to protect them at all costs. Dogs love the job of protecting and monitoring all four corners of their home. Deciding to install a dog fence that is invisible allows him to happily survey his yard and the surrounding areas, creating a sense of freedom, security, and the satisfaction of a job well done!

Out of Sight Means Peace of Mind

Having a Pet Stop electric fence is the perfect solution to keeping your dog in a safe, dig-proof, jump-proof, chew-proof enclosure.  You can even customize your Pet Stop dog fence to keep your pet safely away from a pool, garden, or potentially toxic landscaping.  Can you do this with a traditional enclosure?

One Innovative Fence Solution-Three Easy Steps

Pet Stop is ready to help you make the right choice for your dog (oh, and you, too!)  It’s as easy as 1-2-3:

1) Bury the boundary wire in the desired location

2) Hang the radio wave transmitter indoors, usually in a garage

3) Fit your dog with the proper receiver on his collar and adjust it to suit his temperament

Easy Fence Installation

Distance and Signals

The radio waves in the boundary wire can emit a signal up to forty acres. The system contains a three-way antenna that provides 360 degrees of coverage, so even if your dog scratches at the receiver on his collar, the fence itself will remain intact.

To help make your dog aware of his new boundaries, the collar’s receiver will cause a minuscule “correction” via radio wave. This is not unlike the TENS machine at your chiropractor, creating a barely perceptible, not unpleasant reminder to remain within the established limits. This tiny pulse lasts just one second, but for the 20% of dogs who are a little friskier (think hunting breeds) it, too can be customized to a slightly longer pulse, to create the desired outcome.

One Great Dog Fence-Three Great Options

Pet Stop offers three leading-edge, reliable setups to quickly and easily create the best outdoor environment for your dog: the Eco Lite, Ultra Elite, and PCC-200 (A Consumer Digest Best Buy.)  Besides the boundary wire, you will receive an ultra-lightweight receiver for your dog’s collar and a signal transmitter, to hang indoors.  Each receiver comes standard with these following features below.

One Great Fence

  • TriScann® multi-directional three-way antenna to guarantee signal reception, regardless of your dog’s position
  • Flash Alert® indicates a low battery charge
  • Smart Receiver® with Digital Modulation (DM), to help bypass signal interference
  • Safety Stop® to end correction within 20 seconds, in the unlikely event your pet gets caught and held within range of the signal field
  • Progressive and Standard Correction modes
  • In addition to the above, our Eco Lite and Ultra Elite models contain the following:

Stopper™ to allow you to customize a preset series of correction intervals to address escaping behaviors

Edge to Edge ™ allows for maximum roaming in the smallest of enclosures, up to almost the very edge of the area, versus our standard configuration with a 2.5 to 5-foot barrier in front of the edge of the yard

Gentle Steps™ -your dog’s first steps to freedom

The Eco-Lite and Ultra Elite systems feature Pet Stop’s proprietary training system, Gentle Steps™. GentleSteps™ carefully introduces your dog to the new environment using the slightest collar “sensation” to indicate where to stay and where to go. Lauded by owners and dealers nationwide, GentleSteps™ has helped Pet Stop establish itself as one of the most humane companies to use for your pet’s welfare.

Reliable and secure transmitters

Pet Stop’s transmitters feature the following innovations:

  • Power Loss Memory (PLM) which remembers all your settings in case of a power outage
  • Wire Break Indicator to let you know before your dog finds out
  • Lightning Protection and Zapp Alert®, Pet Stop’s exclusive alarm to alert you to a surge in the system and possible impairment
  • StabiliTemp protects your transmitter from temperature extremes that can occur in garages and basements
  • YardLink™ can link up your yard to your neighbor’s and allow open playtime with other dogs while maintaining a safe enclosure for all

The Best of Times

This is a fantastic time to be a dog owner, and we are here to help you utilize the innovative dog fence solution for your home.  Give us a call, or visit your local Pet Stop dealer.  Find the right fit for your dog and home, and get started on giving your dog the freedom, protection, and boundaries that will make him the happiest pup on the block.

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