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We Take 'Lifetime Warranty' To the Next Level

UltraCare goes above industry standards by offering a lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects and protection against accidental damage.

Most premium pet-containment systems offer some sort of lifetime warranty to cover manufacturing defects. Only Pet Stop offers UltraCare!

This Pet Stop exclusive goes above industry lifetime warranties by offering not only a lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects, but also protection against accidental damage. Should you accidentally damage the equipment supplied with your system, you pay a deductible amount far less than the full retail cost of replacement. This is just one more advantage to owning a Pet Stop system.

For specific warranty information, visit our Warranty page.

"If someone had told me that I'd run over my Pet Stop receiver with my car I would never have believed them, until it happened to me the other day. I took Buddy for a walk and laid the receiver on my bumper, then later forgot. As I backed up, I drove right over it. I worried for a moment about what this would cost me until I remember that I purchased UltraCare. Thanks to the Pet Stop UltraCare warranty that protects against accidental damage, what would have cost me over $350 elsewhere was replaced for a small deductible."

Linder M., Akron, OH

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