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We provide the U.S. with the best pet fence on the market. Pet Stop systems use the most advanced technology available, and include our unmatched service you won't find anywhere else. We're pet lovers too, and will make sure you and your best friend are taken care of start to finish.

Pet Fence

Pet Fence

Pet Fence Technology

Pet Stop- the winning combination of award-winning pet fence technology and trademarked training!

  1. Your new puppy’s arrival brought joy and happy tears to your household.
  2. Your newly-rescued dog is finally home, after much scrutiny of your character and household.
  3. Your sweet, aging canine companion is slowly adjusting to your new house with the promised yard.

All the situations mentioned are happening every day in the pet-crazy, good old USA.  A new pet is introduced to the home, or you finally move to a house with more space and the much-wanted yard.  You want to provide your dog with nutritious food, lots of affection, regular vet visits and, of course, plenty of space to run around and play.

Which brings you to this situation: what kind of boundary do you want to install?

As a responsible, busy dog owner, you know you can’t let the dog out, unleashed to roam the neighborhood, bark at the neighbors, or dig up your yard out of frustration. You also don’t have the time to provide hours of outdoor supervision, apart from regular walks.  The clear solution is some kind of enclosure, and nowadays, the possibilities will amaze you.

(Don’t) Fence Me In That Boundary Line…

Is your home already outfitted with a traditional, visible fence? You may think you are in the clear, but, now that you have a dog, a typical boundary is not as secure as you might imagine. While a fence may provide you with privacy and a feeling of security, it can feel the opposite way for our pets.  Dogs can become anxious at unknown sounds and noises coming from the other side of a fence, and may engage in destructive behavior, like compulsive digging and scratching, to see what is going on. Eventually, you will have to deal with either an escaped dog, a damaged perimeter, or worse.

The Unseen Solution of Pet Fences

The past twenty years have seen a remarkable surge in the sale of electric fence systems for dogs. Homeowners, wanting to showcase their homes and landscaping, balked at the idea of hiding behind a heavy barricade. Pet owners, too were becoming more informed about ways to make their domestic companions healthier and happier, and their focus expanded from just physical confinement and safety to greater mental and emotional well-being. An invisible pet boundary fit the bill nicely for these aspirations.

Fence Me In… what are the first steps?

When considering an unseen fence for your home, a logical first step is to talk to your pet’s veterinarian. In rare instances of a chronic medical concern or challenging temperament, this system may not be the best choice at this time.

After getting cleared by the doctor, check out the many options, both DIY and professionally-installed, and assess the most appropriate pet fence for your home.

Do It Yourself?

You can, with the help of a few online tutorials and some tools from the hardware store, build just about anything you set your mind to. This includes installing an electric fence for your pet. DIY-ers will happily tell you that all you need is some wire, some tools, a small receiver and a transmitter. While installing an underground fence is not the most difficult project, it is not easy. Plus, you must factor in a crucial training period to familiarize your dog with his new boundaries. This can require several weeks beyond the initial  installation; are you willing to put in the time?

Your first (and last) stop-Pet Stop!

Pet Stop containment systems offer the best options for your family furry companions. The only system manufactured in the USA, they offer three top-notch options: the Eco-Lite, the Ultra Elite, and the PCC-200, a Consumer Digest Best Buy.

All three selections feature ultra-lightweight collar receivers and durable outdoor transmitters, able to withstand harsh weather and the most tenacious doggies.

Gentle Steps™…. leave the training to us!

Our Eco-Lite and Ultra Elite options feature our proprietary Gentle Steps ™ training.

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