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Pet Stop® will walk your dog through training with GentleSteps™

We appropriately call our Pet Stop dog-training method GentleSteps. That’s exactly what it is: a series of gentle steps to effectively and humanely condition your dog to understand the new boundaries.

GentleSteps training is the modern incremental training program that reduces problems more commonly associated with traditional training by using barely perceptible levels of collar stimulation, just a tickle, during the initial training phase.

While other companies may promote similar types of training, only GentleSteps offers levels this low and makes level adjustment this easy. Feel free to ask your local Pet Stop dog-fence expert to demonstrate.

The behavior expert credited with this revolutionary low-stress training technique is professional trainer and Pet Stop dealer Rich Weinssen of Hidden Fence of New Jersey, who believes in a humane approach to pet training. He saw the opportunity to develop a low-stress approach by using a slow and gradual increase in correction supplemented by frequent training sessions.

"Love the Pet Stop system! The GentleSteps training program is wonderful. The collars are lightweight and comfortable for the dogs. Our dogs have had fun learning the system and it has worked for shy as well as bold dogs. Thank you, Pet Stop!"

Messerle C, Director of Development, Main Line Animal Rescue

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