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We provide the U.S. with the best pet fence on the market. Pet Stop systems use the most advanced technology available, and include our unmatched service you won't find anywhere else. We're pet lovers too, and will make sure you and your best friend are taken care of start to finish.

Dog Collars

Dog Collars

Dog collars to make you a better dog parent!

So. Many. Collar. Options.

Choosing your new dog’s collar can be a fun way to broadcast his or her gender, personality and playfulness. Be it bright pink, heavy-metal spiky, or featuring a whimsical name tag, the dog collar is more than the first item in your dog’s pet wardrobe: it is also one of your main tools in helping keep him safe, well-trained, and happy!

“Paws” and cons of popular dog collar types

Your dog’s collar is a convenient place to display his necessary ID tags, and to attach his leash for much-anticipated walks through the neighborhood. You no doubt have noticed the many ways owners can collar their pets, and are aware of the many new, high-tech options available.  Here are the main categories of dog collar available:

Flat collars:  Just as the name implies, the flat collar is a piece of fabric that lies comfortably flat on your dog’s neck. It is fastened with a metal or plastic closure.

Pros: Dogs tend to like them, and they easily display his ID tags.

Cons: Easy for some to “back out” of the collar.  During walks, your dog may pull at it, possibly causing injury to his throat and neck areas.  There is a small risk of strangulation, and training can be a bit more difficult, because it is harder to hold the collar during redirection.

Breakaway collars: For owners concerned about accidental strangulation, this is a good choice. The breakaway collar has a plastic snap and two metal rings. If caught on something, the collar will open and free the dog.  The metal rings are the site for attaching the leash, offering a safeguard against choking while remaining sturdy enough for daily walks.

  Pros: Protection from choking in a variety of potentially hazardous environments, from crowded pens at a doggy day care, to the rugged terrain of a farm or wooded lot.

Cons: One must ensure that the collar is securely fastened at all times.  One slip and your dog’s life could be in danger.

Like the flat collar, you can’t control the amount of pulling your dog exerts during a walk, and the same potential damage to his neck and throat can still occur.

If the collar comes apart, it is lost along with your dog’s very important ID tags.

Martingale collars: This collar, created by looping a piece of material to an intact collar, to facilitate leash attachment, resembles a choke chain but is not. It’s capacity to choke a dog is very limited, and the collar can only tighten to a set point, and no further.

Pros: hard for those Houdini pups to do the “back out of my collar” maneuver.

Looser, more comfortable fit.  It is less bothersome overall than the popular flat collar.

Cons: remains a potential choking hazard if caught on something.

Yet-to-be-fully-trained dogs may not know to “stop” to prevent pulling of the collar during an outing.

(Dis)honorable mention: aversion collars.

Nowadays, so many sane and humane training methods exist for the most rascally pup, and such things as choke collars, prong collars, and even shock collars are no longer endorsed by veterinarians.  However, there is a persistent misunderstanding that the more popular electric fence companies utilize shock collars as part of their systems.  With Pet Stop® receiver collars and ers, nothing could be further from the truth.

Pet Stop®: The only collar your pup will want to wear!

Pet Stop® collars are part of the innovative Pet Stop hidden fence system, giving your dog the freedom to roam, with the security you need.   Plus, with our GentleSteps™ training, your dog will happily know and respect his boundaries within a few weeks, ensuring a lifetime of safe playtime for him and peace of mind for you.

The Pet Stop® Eco-Lite, Ultra-Elite and PCC-200 all feature a comfortable flat collar with a small receiver that fits snugly on the collar, and a transmitter you can hang in your garage or basement.  The Eco-Lite and UltraElite both come with GentleSteps™ training, which commences right away. The GentleSteps™ system uses a tiny, not-unpleasant, blink-and-you-missed it sensation to alert your dog of his new “enclosure.” This gentle, barely-there feeling is just enough to deter your pup, and because dogs learn fairly quickly, he will adjust to the new system in weeks.

In time, you can adjust the collar to your dog’s special temperament. All the receivers weigh less than 1.3 ounces, and come with such features as TriScann®, FlashAlert® and SafetyStop®, to keep you informed of the system’s functionality, and, ultimately, to keep your dog comfortably safe in his yard. There are owner controls so you may adjust the settings to suit your dog’s needs.

In addition, Pet Stop® offers the formidable UltraTuff and UltraMax receivers, built to withstand the most determined chewer and the wildest weather.

Choosing a Pet Stop® system for your pet provides more than a high-tech, ultra-effective and ultra-comfortable collar-it gives him the chance to fully enjoy the unlimited freedom, fun and fresh air that only a Pet Stop® product can give!

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