PCC-200 Pro

The PCC-200 Pro Receiver is our most economical receiver and comes with the PCC-200 Pro System. It features a three-level progressive correction and a one-year warranty. This receiver does not support GentleSteps™ programming.

The PCC 200 Pro is available through participating dealers nationwide and was the recipient of the Consumers Digest Best Buy Award.

EcoLite™ Plus with LINK™

EcoLite TM System w/Link™ Technology comes with a Charging Station Plus. The EcoLite Plus Receiver is state-of-the-art in pet fence technology. No more batteries to replace. It’s the first professional-grade receiver that permits recharging. It’s small, lightweight and features an optional night light for monitoring your pet’s location in low light or at night. It comes with a Charging Station Plus (a diagnostic charging cradle that checks your receiver for faults every time it’s charged), giving you Peace of Mind that you’ll discover any problems before your pet. One of the greatest features of the EcoLite Receiver is its versatility. Previously containing highly determined pets required replacing the receiver but no longer. Now it is as easy as changing a setting, thanks to improved technology. Just another reason to choose Pet Stop. Of course, the EcoLite Rechargeable Receiver comes standard with UltraCare™ coverage. Or ask your dealer about UltraCare Plus™.


Reaction Time

Pet Stop Smart Receiver collars react faster than any other brand of receiver. The EcoLite Receiver reacts in just 80 milliseconds. That’s 5 times faster than a blink of an eye. Don’t be fooled by fancy names or competitive claims. Only Pet Stop is engineered to be the safest and fastest receiver available.

TriScann® — a must-have to eliminate blind spots

Other receivers require the pet’s head to be perfectly straight and level when approaching the fence signal. Pet Stop is the first to offer a three-antenna receiver, which provides your pet with a full 360-degree reception of the signal, regardless of the collar position.

Flash Alert® — notifies you to replace a weak battery

Knowing when to change the battery, or recharge it in rechargeable models, is a critical requirement for safe Pet-containment. The Pet Stop exclusive FlashAlert will remind you to replace the battery before your pet gets loose. This is a true battery-monitoring system — not a timed reminder like you might find in other brands.

Safety Stop® — fail-safe feature to prevent continuous correction

We engineer for safety even against rare situations. In the unlikely event your pet gets caught and held within range of the signal field, the patented Pet Stop SafetyStop feature limits the correction to a maximum of 20 seconds. Frighteningly, other systems don’t include this fail-safe or they configure the receiver to cycle without end until the battery is depleted.

Correction Settings — three different modes

Only Pet Stop offers three different modes of correction, giving you complete flexibility in crafting the ideal system for your pet:

  • Progressive Mode to advance the correction level automatically
  • Over 30 different standard mode correction levels

Your dealer will help you select the mode best suited for your pet.

Smart Receiver® — DM Technology to avoid false correction

The Pet Stop transmitters and receivers work in conjunction to provide a pure signal free from interference and false corrections from other devices.

Stopper™ – effectively addresses escaping behaviors

This highly effective Pet Stop exclusive puts an end to attempting-to-escape issues by extending the correction for different intervals. This feature is for pets who have started to challenge their learning by exceeding their boundaries on a regular basis. This allows us to extend the correction for preset intervals to further reinforce the training and solve the problem of the chronic tester always trying to find a way to escape.