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Pet Stop

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  • DO NOT use this system for guard dogs or vicious animals. If you believe your dog may pose a threat
    to others, DO NOT USE THIS SYSTEM.
  • DO NOT use this system as a solid barrier. This product is a deterrent, meant to train pets to remain within an established boundary. It will not work without proper training.
  • DO NOT permit children to operate the system.
  • If you are unsure as to whether or not your dog will be suitable on a Pet Stop® System, please speak with your authorized Pet Stop® dealer.

Additionally, your system will not work unless you:

  • Adjust the collar snug enough for the contact probes to make contact with your pet’s skin, but not
    so tight that it will cause injury.
  • Replace or recharge the receiver battery as required. (See Pages 8 and 9 for details.)
  • Contact your local Pet Stop dealer immediately if the boundary wire is cut or damaged in any way, so they can help you fix the break as soon as possible.
  • Train your pet properly. See the GentleSteps Training Section.

We do not recommend leaving your pet unsupervised while on the system.


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