15 Dog Blogs for 2017

The internet is full of great info and advice about your dog, and one of the best, most efficient ways to process much of it is via the blogosphere. Thousands of blogs exist, and thousands more are being launched every day. But who has the time to find the best fit for you and your […]

Enjoy a Fun and Safe Halloween With Your Dog

Enjoy a fun and safe Halloween with your dog. By Kelley Kombrinck Fall is in full swing and soon the streets will be filled with pumpkins, spooky yard decorations and costumed candy-seekers. Halloween is right around the corner and what could be more fun than enjoying the Autumn holiday with your sweet fur friend? After […]

The Ultimate Guide for Finding a Dog Breeder

So you’ve decided to get a dog and to introduce a new member to the family. Congratulations! This is sure to be one of the most memorable and rewarding experiences of your life. You’ll look back years from now and remember the days you invested researching, learning and working hard to finally fund the new […]

Best Dogs for Seniors

Are you searching for the best dogs for seniors? We’ve compiled the ultimate resource guide which includes answers to almost all of your questions! Make sure to read the article all the way through as we discuss everything from benefits of owning a dog as a senior, the most popular and unpopular breeds, expenses and […]

20 Helpful Tips For New Puppy Owners

So you spent your time doing research and figuring out what breed of dog you want to adopt into your family. You may have asked around, watched some videos and visited some local pet shops and adoption centers! Or maybe you simply locked eyes with your pup and knew at that very moment it was […]

Do Wireless Fences Harm Dogs?

In short, no. If your mind immediately conjures up an image of a dog being nearly tasered when going near the boundaries of his wireless fence , we can reassure you that this is absolutely wrong. We are enjoying so many benefits of living in an age of such remarkable technology, so why not share this innovation with […]

Keeping Your Dog Entertained When the Weather is Bad

No matter what part of the US you live in, giving your dog his or her daily dose of exercise can be a chore at times.  When your pup looks at you like, “what’s next?” and the weather is not conducive to outdoor activities, there are always other options. Here is a list of indoor-related […]