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15 Dog Blogs for 2017

The internet is full of great info and advice about your dog, and one of the best, most efficient ways to process much of it is via the blogosphere. Thousands of blogs exist, and thousands more are being launched every day. But who has the time to find the best fit for you and your dog?

We went ahead and did the heavy lifting for you! Here are 15 of the most popular, award-winning blogs about dogs. On this list you will find dog training blogs about certain breeds, or about certain activities (travel), but most offer great tips, advice, and humor to help you and your dog give new meaning to the term “a dog’s life!”

Ammo the Dachshund (http://www.ammothedachshund.com/)

Ammo lives and blogs from a pony farm in Pennsylvania, home to his owners Kyley and Mike. He is a certified therapy dog and a popular local celebrity, greeting visitors to Kyley’s custom frame shop in town.   “Adventure Awaits!” is the catchphrase of this beautiful, whimsical blog.

Champion of My Heart (https://championofmyheart.com/)

Roxanne Hawn launched Champion of My Heart in April of 2007, following the adventures of two border collies, Tori and Clover. The loss of her beloved border collie, Lilly, in 2013 led her to write a bestselling book about pet grief. She also focuses on helping anxious dogs have happier lives.

Fidose of Reality (https://fidoseofreality.com/)

This is just one of the many cleverly-named pet blogs you will find on this list. Carol Bryant offers a slew of great advice, articles, product reviews, and a Blog Paws community board, among other features of this wellness blog. While there is a special focus on the Cocker Spaniel breed, all dog owners will benefit from visiting this site.

Have Dog Blog Will Travel (https://celiasue.com/)

Celia Sue Hecht blogs about dogs, travel, politics, and alternative energy, among other topics, in such an engaging way, that even if you disagree with her particular stance, you will want to keep reading. Stop by this blog with a cup of coffee or tea, and map out the nearest dog-friendly winery (she found it for you!)

Manny the Frenchie (https://www.mannythefrenchie.com/)

Manny the French bulldog is the star of a popular blog (subtitled “the world’s most followed French bulldog”) that also features his little brother Frank and big sister Leila. This blog promotes quirky and fun French bulldog merchandise, his book, Manny the Frenchie’s Art of Happiness, and various animal and people charities.

Pretty Fluffy (http://prettyfluffy.com/)

Serena Faber Nelson has cultivated a website that makes you think Martha Stewart Living, but just for dogs. Replete with recipes, crafts, and DIY projects, all for the canine set, you will come away from this blog inspired to embrace her version of pet-friendly living.

Pup Style ( http://www.pupstyle.com/)

Pup Style is another fun blog which promises that a dog-friendly and stylish lifestyle don’t have to be mutually exclusive.  This playful site recently featured a LED-powered dog leash, called the Nitey Lite. Dara Foster, the site’s founder, began Pup Style to sell her designer dog collars, and now she is the go-to person to speak to the media about pet style and fashion.

Slim Doggy (http://slimdoggy.com/)

Slim Doggy was started in 2012, with the mission to address the current pet obesity crisis.  Visitors to the site can submit pet health questions to “Dear Labby” about almost anything, from pet cavities to dog food calorie counts.

Keep the Tail Wagging ( https://keepthetailwagging.com/)

Kimberly Gauthier’s blog promotes healthy pets via a raw food nutritional approach. Her site contains product reviews, recipes, and lots of interesting advice regarding vaccine schedules, flea repellents, and myths about feeding your dog a raw meat diet.

My Pitbull Friend (http://www.mypitbullfriend.com/)

Bentley, a Blue American Pit Bull Terrier, is the main event in this much-lauded blog seeking to dispel the stereotypes that plague the dogs often erroneously identified as “pit bulls.” Featuring a gallery of endearing photos of him with his human sisters, this blog may change your mind about this misunderstood breed.

Sarcastic Dog ( https://sarcasticdog.com/)

Another blog dedicated to “changing the conversation” when it comes to the much-maligned pit bull, this fascinating, well-written site urges its readers to thoughtfully engage with those who disagree about how society should treat, interact with, and perceive these dogs.

The Daily Pip ( http://www.thedailypip.com/)

Animal rescue and second chances are the theme of this blog, which focuses mainly on dog rescue and adoption, but reserves space for other needy pets, such as cats and rabbits. Special needs animals are also emphasized on this multiple award-winning blog.

Deaf Dogs Rock ( https://deafdogsrock.com/)

Nitro, an abandoned, deaf boxer puppy was the inspiration for this remarkable blog, which spawned a 52, 000-person strong community and board-run, 501(c)(3) non-profit, all with the goal of placing special needs dogs with their forever families.   Its international reach has resulted in hundreds of handicapped animals being adopted into loving homes.

Montecristo Travels (http://montecristotravels.com/)

Think a chihuahua is only good as a purse accessory? Think again when you join Montecristo, an intrepid chihuahua helping small-dog owners reimagine travels with their pups. This amazing website is a treasure-trove of first-hand information about pet-friendly travel destinations, with a number of helpful videos, articles, and a newly-released line of children’s books starring Montecristo.  New content is uploaded every Saturday.

You Did What with Your Weiner? ( https://youdidwhatwithyourweiner.com/)

We saved the best-named blog for last! Don’t be fooled by its mischievous title-this blog is serious fun for those looking to have more outdoor adventures with their dogs. While dachshunds are the focus, all dog owners can benefit from this informative blog. Camping gear reviews, waterfall hikes, and warm doggy outerwear tips were recently featured, along with an interview with a pet photographer and a cold-laser therapy session recap. Definitely worth your time to stop by this one.

Want to start your OWN dog-friendly blog? Many of these listed blogs contain useful information about how to start your journey into the blogosphere. Good luck, happy reading and happy blogging!

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