Robbie H.

“My normally shy dog responded very well to the GentleSteps training. The fence went in as scheduled.  The work was done so that my lawn was not disturbed too much. They worked with us to train the dog (and us) and came back 2 or 3 times to adjust the setting on the fence. We are very happy with our fence and glad that we went with Pet Stop.”

5 thoughts on “How old should my puppy be before being introduced to my Pet Stop hidden fence?”

  1. I have a puppy and haven’t trained with the fence for several years. Training directions are well written. Where can I get the resistors?

  2. I didn’t know that there is a lot to consider when looking into these wireless fences. My dad wants our dogs to stay safe in inside our property. My uncle suggested having pet fence installation and shared this article with him.

  3. I like that you suggested setting up a pet fence with the right size so you can give your dog a visual queue that there are barriers between them and your garden. My mother is planning to use her garden to plant new trees, and she wants to make sure that her new plants are not going to be damaged by her dog. I will be sure to let her consider hiring a professional to install her pet fence.

  4. I’m thinking about getting a dog. I will need to get just the right fence for it. I agree that the containment area is the most important factor of choosing a fence. It’s important to consider the height of the fence too.

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