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Problem: No digital display reading on the transmitter.

  • Make sure the transmitter has not been turned off. Press the UP button once or twice to turn the power on.
  • Check the AC electrical outlet to be certain it is plugged in and supplying power to the transmitter.

We recommend that you plug in something else, like a hair dryer or radio to be sure the outlet is operating properly.

Also, if the transmitter is plugged into a GFI outlet, make sure it is reset and functioning properly.

Problem: The Transmitter is beeping and the display is flashing on and off.

  • Make certain that each boundary wire is connected properly to the terminal connections on the transmitter.
  • Make certain that the boundary wire in the yard has not been damaged. You can check this quickly by placing a jumper wire across the loop connections on the transmitter. If the transmitter acts normal when the jumper wire is across the loop connections there is a break in the boundary wire. You can try to locate the break visually, or contact your local Pet Stop dealer for repair.


Problem: The Receiver is not detecting the signal from the boundary wire.

  • Make certain that the transmitter is turned on and transmitting a radio signal.
  • Make sure that the receiver battery has been recently replaced and was inserted properly.

If you have checked all of the above and the receiver is still not working, please contact your local Pet stop dealer.

Problem: Pet is not responding to the correction.

  • Check the fit and snugness of the pet’s receiver collar. Make certain that the soft probes are making contact with the dog’s skin. (See Page 8.) In some case, it may be necessary to shave a portion of the dog’s fur in order for the probes to make proper contact.
  • Make sure that the receiver battery has been recently replaced and was inserted properly.
  • If your receiver uses Comfort Contacts® with rubber tips make sure they have been replaced. Depending on the pet, these tips may need to be replaced as often as every six months.

Problem: Low battery indicator on the receiver is flashing.

  • When the Low Battery Indicator is flashing it means you need to replace the battery. Refer to the battery replacement section on Page 8 for specific instructions.

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