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Pet Stop’s hidden electronic pet containment systems protect the beauty and open space of your yard while keeping your pets happy, healthy, and safe at home. Other companies manufacture similar systems, but only Pet Stop® is Made in the USA from imported components. Pet Stop® offers UltraCare, the best warranty in the business and GentleSteps™, an entirely gentle training program to help pets get accustomed to their new system as quickly and safely as possible. Pet Stop® also offers a fully rechargeable receiver – the EcoLite™. Check us out, and I’m sure you’ll agree. Pet Stop® is the Best Fence You’ll Never See.

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I have tried the other brands before that you can buy at your local pet store and they just didn’t work. Pet Stop is far better.
T. Rhoades
Friendly and relational customer service. Very sweet to my dog. Easy to understand and use system. Thorough training. Highly recommend!
B. Schaffer
We installed Pet Stop system over 15 years ago. We always receive prompt and courteous service. Love to support a local business!
C. Detweiler
Outstanding customer service and product support. Very professional and always available when you need them. Highly recommend.
G. Pagano

Professional installation by professionals who care

Installing your Pet Stop system involves four steps that our skilled Pet Stop Dealers are happy to explain in more detail.

General FAQ's

+How is Pet Stop different from other Invisible Fence companies?

No other system can match the range of patented, customizable features and expert training offered by Pet Stop. Each Dealer is an expert in pet fencing. The GentleSteps training is a Pet Stop exclusive. EcoLite Rechargeable Receiver and its diagnostic charger are also exclusive to Pet Stop. Our customizable systems produce a 99.6% successful containment rating – the highest in the industry.

Founded in 1992, Pet Stop is managed by a team of industry pioneers with the most experience and highest pet aptitude in the business. Only Pet Stop combines our genuine love of pets with in-depth knowledge and commitment to technology to produce the finest, most reliable pet containment system in the world.

+Do you offer indoor systems?

Absolutely. We offer a battery operated and a wired option. Our indoor system is every bit as effective as our outdoor pet fence system, but operates on a slightly different principle. The indoor unit is designed to customize areas of the home for your dog or cat to avoid, rather than keep contained within; however, the system can be used to limit a pet’s habitat if need be. Find out more about our indoor unit by visiting products.

+Does Pet Stop work with cats?

Absolutely. We’re proud to have one of the most effective systems on the market for cats as well as dogs. Sure, electronic fence systems were originally designed with dogs in mind, but our feline containment program is very successful, especially in establishing cat-free zones within the home.

+Are your products compatible with other systems?

Yes. Pet Stop is compatible with most other pet containment systems available on the market today, including Invisible Fence® brand products.

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Honestly, we're far superior. A bold statement, yes, but we back it up. In fact, our system is so superior it's fully guaranteed to work gently, but effectively for any pet (any breed of dog or cat) outside, or even inside your home.

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Electric Invisible Dog Fences in Sesser Illinois

Wireless dog containment typically features three parts: a transmitter, a wireless dog fence collar, and a pitch wire that you bury in the desired boundary line. More recent models of wireless pet fences now have no wire to bury, rather, they use radio transmission or Wi-Fi, and heat and occupation detection to keep dogs safe in your yard. However, the in-ground wire can be expanded more easily than the radio or Wi-Fi system, and pay for more room to move. The image of a needy dog being astounded senseless by his dog wireless fence is a typical Hollywood invention, unaided encountered in the movies. Todays wireless fences produce a correction that is just about imperceptible to your dog, amounting to less than a ticklish, not-unpleasant sensation. The current systems contain dozens of correction settings, all customizable to your dogs particular temperament, size and prey instinct (more on that later.) Systems once a buried wire feature are ideal once you dependence to protect determined areas of your yard, such as a pool, childrens area or landscaping. 6 relief of the Wireless Dog Fence Why is a wireless fence or an electric dog fence more full of life than a traditional, or, above-ground fence? allow us total the ways: Number One: As stated before, wireless fence systems are approximately impossible for your dog to break out from. in the same way as no structure to scale or climb (or worse, impale or scuff yourself on,) this offers some relief. though a impatient dog may dig taking place the dome wire, wireless fence systems are equipped later than scolding signals to suddenly alert your system of any kind of breach. The additional growth of vigilance is one advantage of the best wireless dog fence more than a established fence. Number Two: Wireless fence systems transmitters and collar receivers are exceptionally durable. Transmitters can be mounted in environments in the manner of extreme temperature changes (garage or basement,) and are water- and lightning-proof. Number Three: Wireless fences can be simple to install, and many companies manage to pay for at-home training of your dog in those first few crucial days that the system is in area and learning new boundaries begins. Depending on the difficulty and range of your system, a wireless fence could be happening and admin within a daylight or two. Number Four: combination dogs can be included in the system, in the manner of people sometimes including their neighbors dogs in the wireless fence boundary. Some systems even permit your yard to connect up once a next to yard, to development the boundary of your barrier even further. Number Five: Most size dogs and most dog temperaments are candidates for this incredible technology. A few exceptions are discussed in a bit. Number Six: Wireless fences are often a more affordable option versus a usual fence. As the technology gets greater than before and less costly, the manufacturers pass upon the savings to you. Plus, the cost of maintaining a wireless fence is dwarfed by the cost of keeping up a typical fence, afterward the latter needing regular painting, cleaning, and often repairing, especially if your dog loves to dig, cut and climb. Wireless Fence Considerations A few factors gone past a wireless fence affix the size of dog, temperament, terrain, and makeup of your backyard, and ethical concerns. For example, these systems are best suited to dogs weighing higher than eight pounds. Even though they are lightweight, the receiver collar may be too heavy. Certain breeds gone a tall prey instinct will locate that their infatuation to traverse the boundary will outweigh any kind of deterrent, thus ask your vet if your particular dog breed will be safely contained in the manner of a wireless fence. A wireless fence will keep YOUR dog IN, but will not save wildlife, coyotes and stray dogs OUT. Be mindful of the threats in your own neighborhood, and plan accordingly. Also, particularly rocky, hilly or tree-laden backyards are not the best fit for a wireless fence system. Trees and large rocks can block the signals needed to keep your dog out of harms way. Lastly, although many vets use and even recommend wireless fences for dogs, there is a remnant of dog owners who refuse to use any nice of instructive that could be perceived by their dogs as punishment. Even even if the correction used in the wireless fence is harmless and not unpleasant, some dog owners will give it a pass. Its your turn! We hope we have informed you nearly your options past choosing a purchasing a wireless fence for your relatives pet. save our guidelines in mind as you prefer the best out of the ordinary for your good dog! Check to look if a Pet end dealer is close you here.
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