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Why Trust Pet Stop®?
It's Simple, Experience!

We have installed approximately 1/4 million fences and contained about 1/2 million dogs.

Many of our dealers have been in business over 20 years and Pet Stop® has been around since 1993

Typically our Dealers can provide an estimate, do the install, and train the dog - all in under 7 days!*

Easy Steps To Your Hassle-Free Dog Fence


It's free and only takes about 30 minutes to survey your property and explain why Pet Stop® is America's Safest Dog Fence.


Pet Stop® Dealers use unique wire laying machines specifically designed for underground wire burial. Not all wire is the same and Pet Stop® dealers use a special polyurethane coated wire specifically designed for underground burial.


Finally, following the installation, your dog will receive its first training session conducted by a pet fence expert. Flags will be placed around the boundary, which are used as a visual reminder to reinforce the training. Because dogs learn their boundaries by scent, the flags are slowly removed over a prescribed period. Fear not, your dog will be fully conditioned to respect their new boundaries in seven days* or less.

Rechargeable Technology With Diagnostic Precision

Only Pet Stop® offers a small rechargeable collar that comes with a diagnostic charging cradle. You'll know if something is wrong before your dog does. It’s Pet Stop’s® way of innovating to provide greater peace of mind for you and your pet.

Love the Pet Stop® system! The GentleSteps training program is wonderful. The collars are lightweight and comfortable for the dogs. Our dogs have had fun learning the system and it has worked for shy as well as bold dogs. Thank you, Pet Stop®! - Messerle C, Director of Development

My normally shy dog responded very well to the GentleSteps training. The fence went in as scheduled. The work was done so that my lawn was not distrubed too much. They worked with us to train the dog (and us) and came back 2 or 3 times to adjust the setting on the fence. We are very happy with our fence and glad we went with Pet Stop®. - Robbie H.

Our dog is a high energy dog that needs room to run. The dog fence allows us to give her a lot of freedom. We love the indoor unit. We were able to take those ugly child gates down and she doesn’t even try to go in the living room. It is great! We would highly recommend. The service has been great! Thanks so much! - Fred & Cheryl Crook

Discover Link, Another Pet Stop® Exclusive

LINK™ is an App that provides real time information about your Pet Stop® system. Make adjustment without having to call a Dealer. Activate the night-light to see your dog at night. Check your battery or contact a dealer – all at your fingertips with LINK™.