Cat Fence

Cat Fence

Why a fence may be the best solution to your cat’s issues

Have you ever thought that the best solution to your cat problems could be summed up in two words, “cat fence?” While it is hard to visualize your cat in some kind of physical enclosure, the options for cat fences are many, and the best one probably never crossed your mind!

Cats are curious and love exploring their outdoor environment as much as their canine counterparts. Even a devout “indoor cat” will occasionally ask to go outside in order to sunbathe, roll in the grass, nibble some greenery, hunt garden insects, and frolic the day away.

Do (Cat) Fence Me In

As cat owners, and pet owners in general, learn more and become more aware of what makes their pets happy, the category of “indoor” versus “outdoor” categories no longer apply.  Knowing that cats are happiest when given sufficient time in the outdoors has prompted the production and availability of all manner of cat “leashes”- usually a soft harness that attaches to the collar. It has also brought the idea of a cat fence into the conversation. Now, a variety of cat fences, attachments, and enclosures exist, from small, wire fences to full, transparent enclosures with secure roofs. A few of the options available include:

  • Traditional metal fencing
  • Roller bars atop fencing
  • Spike strips atop fencing (note- in spite of their scary appearance, spike strips are quite effective, and used and endorsed by many caring cat owners)
  • Metal brackets, lined with mesh material, angled atop fences
  • Full enclosure/pen

The solution is right before your eyes- Pet Stop®!

Another option for your feline, that has exploded in popularity in the last twenty years, is the invisible fence.  And the great thing about an invisible cat fence is that you can use it both indoors and outside! Using just three things: a boundary wire, a collar/receiver, and a transmitter, Pet Stop® has revolutionized the entire pet fence world with its unprecedented technology, durability, and made-in-the-USA highest quality and standards.  Offering three different setups for you, the EcoLite, the UltraElite, and the Consumer Digest Best Buy-award-winning PC-200, you are certain to find just the right fence to keep your cat safe and happy.

Teach your cat new boundaries

GentleSteps™- the easy and gentle way to  train your furry feline.  Both  Pet Stop®’s EcoLite and UltraElite systems feature the effective training system GentleSteps™, used immediately after installation to get your cat used to the new limits. A very, very, light tickle of a sensation is used as the cats approach the new fence perimeter. It lasts barely a millisecond, and gently lets your cat know where they are free to roam, and where they need to stay. It has been lauded by owners and pet professionals since its introduction, and will put you on the fast track to a secure, content cat companion.

The three systems’ collar receivers all feature TriScann, Flash Alert®, and Safety Stop®, designed to alert you immediate of any problems with functionality. TriScann is a triple antenna receiver, keeping your cat in range at all times.  Flash Alert® notifies you immediately of a low battery charge, and Safety Stop® will cease correction if your pet is somehow stuck in range of the signal field.

The transmitters all feature Power Loss Memory (PLM,) Wire Break Indicator, Lightning Protection, and Zapp Alert, among other bonuses, to help you know immediately if anything affects the transmitter’s operational capacity or the boundary wires.

Inside relief with Pet Stop®’s Room Wizard™ Indoor Transmitter

You can throw away all your cat deterrent sprays when you take advantage of the Room Wizard™ indoor transmitter, compatible with the outdoor transmitter. This amazing indoor device is available in wired- or battery-operated versions. It is stylish and discreet in design, able to be placed under or behind furniture. If you select the wired transmitter, the wires can be completely concealed in your home.  Using the gentle and effective Smart Zone™ technology, your cat will receive a barely audible sound to alert her of her boundaries, and a small correction if needed. Room Wizard™ will help you easily customize your home to keep your cat out of harm’s way and give you peace of mind!

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